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You just browse the site reliable and affordable Babysitting agency specializing in the care of children in Bratislava.

Our motto is: responsible agency = happy child + happy parents

We want to adapt to  a parental needs.Our goal is to provide adequate care for the child's age, interests, education, safety, and fun. We want that your children will be in our "hands" satisfied and you be able to calmly do your duties, or treat yourself to a little rest. We offer services that can be adjusted according to your wishes and requirements. For this reason, you can choose babysitting regularly or irregularly, for long or short time, seven days a week, even during holidays and vacations. We will still attend to your child during the sickness.Arrangement can be made to pick up your children from nurseries, schools or clubs.Respectability of our agency to confirm drafting of the child's custody, where both parties agree on the conditions of mutual satisfaction.